Dining room styling

A mix of old and new, natural and modern materials, gives this dining table a cozy rustic feel.
Try something new with your serviettes Ikea Marknad -, make a knot and finish it off with a sprig of eucalyptus or other greenery.  Dig deep into your cupboards and find a mix of different wine glasses and small vases.  You will be surprised to see how many greenery you can pick from your garden and safe yourself a lot on the extra expense of buying flowers!  If you have a beautiful table surface, skip the table cloth, show case that beauty by adding placemats in beautiful textures.  I have opted for natural grassy mats from Søstrene Grene at a very affordable price.  This was a rather formal dinner party and I opted to print the menu´s explaining each course.
Don´t forget the candles, there is nothing that gives atmosphere more than the soft light of candles.

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